In The Community


Safety is our top priority. Our project involves many workers, large trucks, heavy equipment and thousands of miles of transit, yet, with the exception of one minor cut, we have had no reportable injuries related to the project in more than eight years.



ConocoPhillips believes in communicating closely with neighbors, regulators, media and others in the areas in which we work. Our sumps communication program involves regular mailings to neighborhoods, media briefings, a 24-hour hotline and website. Key regulators and elected officials are copied on all courtesy mailings.

And we go beyond that. ConocoPhillips project managers become part of the neighborhoods in which we work. We knock on doors, talk to residents, answer questions and respond to concerns and get to know the people affected by our project. We have hosted neighborhood BBQ’s, provided funds for household cleaning projects and mailed car wash and meal gift cards to our residents to express appreciation for neighborhood cooperation and support.


Helping Habitat for Humanity

ConocoPhillips is especially proud to be associated with Habitat for Humanity on the Central Coast. Before homes slated for removal are demolished, Habitat teams remove all reusable fixtures and equipment. Richard Brown, executive director for the nonprofit organization, oversees the salvage operation that removes cupboards, doors, light fixtures, countertops — even switch plate covers and outlet protectors. The materials are resold to builders and home remodeling enthusiasts through ReStore, a recycled products retail outlet operated by Habitat. ReStore sales support Habitat for Humanity’s goals of helping build affordable housing nationwide. The Santa Maria area ReStore is located at 2053 Preisker Lane, and can be reached at (805) 928-5399, or

Santa Maria Habitat for Humanity
Santa Maria Habitat for Humanity Director Dan McKenzie and include his wife Olivia who is now Re-Store Manager.

Santa Maria Library

ConocoPhillips is committed to literacy and education, and we were proud to support the Santa Maria Library with a contribution to be used for the purchase of children’s books.

Santa Maria Library

Santa Maria Landfill Agreement

In the summer of 2009, ConocoPhillips announced plans to transport excavated soil to the Santa Maria Landfill, rather than to out-of-area disposal sites. This change both benefitted the local landfill and eliminated the need for thousands of miles of truck traffic, reducing the amount of greenhouse gases generated.